Affenpoo Dog – Poodle and Affenpinscher Mix – Complete Info

Affenpoo dog by

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What do you get when you cross a Poodle with an Affenpinscher? You got it, an Affenpoo! This is an uncommon hybrid though they have increased in popularity in the UK recently. He is a social, loyal and playful dog who likes to live in moderate climates and does not do so well in hot weather.

Affenpoo dog

Affenpoo dog by
Affenpoo dog by

He has a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years and when mixed with a toy Poodle can be as Small as 9 inches tall.

Here is the Affenpoo dog at a Glance
Average height10 to 20 inches
Average weight10 to 25 pounds
Coat typeShort to medium, coarse, dense
Grooming NeedsLow
TouchinessCan be grumpy!
Tolerant to Solitude?No
Tolerance to HeatNot suited to overly warm climates
Tolerance to ColdAverage
Good Family Pet?Very Good
Good with Children?Better with older children
Good with other Dogs?Usually yes
Good with other Pets?Needs socialization
A roamer or Wanderer?Not usually
A Good Apartment Dweller?Yes
Good Pet for new Owner?Yes
TrainabilityFairly Easy
Exercise NeedsLow
Tendency to get FatYes
Major Health ConcernsNone known
Other Health ConcernsHip Dysplasia, eye problems
Life Span12 – 16 years
Average new Puppy Price$906
Average Annual Medical Expense$450-$550
Average Annual Non-Medical Expense$300-$350

Where does the Affenpoo dog come from?

Being a mix of an Affenpinscher and a Poodle this dog is sometimes referred to as a designer dog. He was originally bred in America back in the 1990s when designer dogs were the new thing to have. They are good for Apartment living as they do not need a lot of space.

They are very intelligent dogs that do well at agility, competitive obedience, tricks and as a watchdog. His nature comes from his parents and since both are of German origin so is he! He can be as a result of a breeding between any sized Poodle from toy to miniature to regular.

The Poodle is a very old breed started back somewhere in the 15th century and was bred to be a water retriever. This meant he went with hunters and retrieved waterfowl and so forth from the water.

Poodles are very intelligent dogs (2nd most intelligent) and are eager to please which means they excel at training. They are playful, loyal and loving in nature and crave attention. They will bark when strangers approach and are great as a family dog and as a first time dog.

The Affenpinscher is a much newer breed coming in at the start of the 20th century. He is active and enjoys playing but has a stubborn streak. He is affectionate and loyal to his family and is intelligent also. He does not like children or anyone else for that matter messing around with his water bowls or toys! They have a great deal of courage and do not fear larger dogs.


The Affenpoo is a friendly dog that love to be in the company with people so are not good being left alone. They are loyal and great in a family as they tend to be more easygoing then other Small Breeds of dogs.

They are clever and so like to be busy, play and can be very curious. He can be very affectionate and loving too but sometimes can get short tempered especially over his belongings.

They are also very alert and make good watchdogs because they will bark if a stranger approaches or at anything they deem suspicious. He enjoys learning tricks too.

With mixed breeds you cannot always guarantee which way a litter will lean, towards the Poodle side who is good with other pets and children of any age, or towards the Affenpinscher who is more happy with older children who won’t mess with his stuff! Early socialization can help with this though.

Affenpoo dog by
Affenpoo dog by

What does an Affenpoo dog look like

Weighing from 10 to 25 pounds they can be anything from 10 inches to 20 inches tall. They have a coat that more often leans towards a Poodle’s curls and is short to medium in length and coarse to touch. It does not really shed and is good for families with allergies.

Colors common for an Affenpoo are shades of black but you can also find grays and browns. His skull is small and rounded and he has eyes that are round too. His muzzle is most often black and is short. He has a distinctive looking face that people tend to love with hair tufts out of the top of his head and side of his face and floppy ears hanging down.

Training and Exercise Needs

Affenpoos love to play and do tricks. Being Small to Medium sized they do not need as much exercise as some dogs which is why they are also good to live in apartments. A quick walk a couple of times a day plus some play inside will keep him happy and healthy.

That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t love a trip out somewhere more interesting sometimes, his curiosity would love it too.

They are very intelligent dogs so are very quick to learn when being trained and socialized. This is good for them from an early age not just in terms of better behavior but also because they are smart they need that kind of mental stimulation on a regular basis.

Consider putting him in kindergarten classes and socialize him with friends, different pets, different aged children and different environments. When training stay calm, firm, positive and reward good behavior often. It won’t take him long to learn what you want from him as long as you remain in charge.

Living with an Affenpoo dog

The Affenpoo does better living in a moderate climate not freezing and not too hot. He is fine living in an Apartment or a house. With some play and short walks he does not need a yard though if you have one I am sure he would be happy to play in it!

When it comes to grooming because he has a coat like a Poodle’sthere is very little work for you to do but you may need to take him to a groomer now and then to have it plucked. He won;t be shedding on your furniture and is Hypoallergenic.

Baths can happen when he needs them, just be sure to clean his ears and teeth regularly. For feeding it depends on whether you have the smaller version from a toy poodle or the medium sized type. It will be somewhere between ¾ of a cup to 11/2 cups of high quality dry food a day divided into two meals. You can check this with your vet or basing his food allowance on his weight.

Some Affenpoos need some socialization to be happy with smaller children, and some do not. Be sure your children know how to play nicely with a dog and when to back off. Also make sure with Affenpoos that they do not mess around with his food bowls, toys or bedding.

In general they are loving family dogs, they want company as much as they can get, and they enjoy being silly and playful. They are funny dogs with a great sense of humor and be a joy to have as part of your family.

Health Concerns

As new as this hybrid is there really are not yet any known major health issues. It is possible they may inherit some of their parents issues though mixed breeds tend to be healthier than pure ones.

Make sure you see a health clearance certificate for both parents so you can feel more confident about your puppy. Since the Poodle is prone to having eye problems and hip dysplasia that may be a couple of minor health issues to affect the Affenpoo.

Costs involved in owning an Affenpoo dog

Purchasing an Affenpoo is going to be hard so try not to set your heart on one too firmly. When you do see them around for sale puppies tend to be priced around $906. With that cost you have other initial pet owning costs such as a collar and leash for $30, a carrier bag for $60, a crate for $95, spaying and other medical costs for $270.

Then you can expect to have ongoing costs that annually will be looking something like medical costs (shots and so on) $235, putting aside money for medical emergencies $225, food and treats $140, toys and other miscellaneous costs, $75, licensing $15. Then you have the cost of any training you choose to take them to, as well as possible grooming costs.